Tuesday, June 7

Waxing Kits

Vikings Team shopping list of the most important waxing stuff for skiers:

"Lester's Best-Bang-for-your-Buck" Basic Wax Kit: for new beginner youth & adult recreational skiers, and, Jackrabbits and Track Attackers. The tools will last for your lifetime as a skier. The kick waxes will last you about 5-8 years. The glide waxes will last you about 3-5 years. Buy an old used tool box to put all of your waxing stuff, and, print your first name or initials on all of your stuff with a permanent felt marker.
Basic Tools: Waxing Iron Swix Style T 75 = about $50 (or you can use the waxing irons at our ski club), glide wax scraper to scrape and remove glide wax...buy a thick one you can't bend = about $5, pencil scraper to clean the groove in the middle of the ski = about $3, synthetic cork to apply and smooth kick wax = about $5, small bottle of kick wax remover = about $15, 100 grit sandpaper...3 sheets = about $2.
Six Swix Kick Waxes and Klister: V20Green, V30Blue, V40Blue Extra, V50Violet, V60Red/Silver, each kick wax costs about $8, K22N Universal Klister = $10.
Four Swix Glide Waxes: CH4Green, CH6Blue, CH7Violet = each small glide wax package costs about $30.

"Lester's Big-Bang-for-your-Buck"Athlete Wax Kit: for competitive athletes to prepare skis for training and to prepare skis with base waxes for competition:
Waxing Tools: waxing bench, ski holder vice, waxing iron Swix Style T 74, thick glide wax scrapers, groove scraper, glide wax square steel brush Swix T0179B, sandpaper 80 grit and 100 grit, kick wax corks, heat gun for base wax and klister, klister brush, cloth blue shop cloth towel, wax remover.
Six Training Swix Kick Waxes = V20Green (can used a a binder),V30Blue, V40Blue Extra, V50Violet, V60Red/Silver, K22N Universl Klister.
Five Competition Swix Kick Waxes: Base Binder Green, VR40Blue, VR50Violet, VR60Silver, VR70Red.
Four Training Swix Glide Waxes: CH4Green, CH6Blue, CH7Violet, CH8Red.
Four Competition Swix Glide Waxes: LF4Green, LF6Blue, LF7Violet, LF8Red.