Thursday, July 19

Vikings Team Information

Howdy Cross Country Skiers, Biathletes, Cross Country Runners, Triathletes, and anyone who wants to join our Vikings Team!

My name is Les Parsons. I am a cross country ski coach of our Camrose Ski Club Vikings, and, University of Alberta - Augustana Vikings. I also coach running and triathlon, and, help coach biathlon.

We welcome you to be a part of our Vikings Team! IF you have never cross country skied before, but want to try our sport, we invite you to join our Vikings Team. IF you have friends who are interested in xc skiing, connect them to this blog.

Communications: This blog is my only communication tool to share my coaching information. 

The best way to communicate with me is in person = face to face, immediately after any practice.

Email: AFTER you have read the information on this blog, IF you have any questions, OR, you need me to add any changes to clarify & confirm information details, or correct any mistakes, email me your questions  

PHONE: ONLY IF your question is urgent, phone me or text me: 780-691-6912 YOU can phone me 7 days a week between 6am-9pm, but, NOT after 9pm unless it is an emergency. IF I am too busy to answer your phone call, please leave a message with your phone number and the best times for me to call you back. If you don't have long-distance calling, leave me a message, and, I can call you on my free phone plan. 

PLEASE check this blog every morning to confirm any changes we make to our daily and weekly organization. It is your responsibility to keep informed of team details. To speed up your blog reading time, simply look for the red text below of Date and Time and Who.

OFFICE: My office is located in Camrose, at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta, in the Faith and Life Center, in the gymnasium.

Tim Wintoniw = Vikings Cross Country Ski Team Head Coach   cell 780-281-2727

Lowell Niven = Vikings Biathlon Team Head Coach   cell 780-679-6350 

Gerhard Lotz = Vikings Cross Country Running Coach  office 780-679-1521

New Athletes interested in joining our Vikings Cross Country Ski Team, Biathlon Team, Cross Country Running Team, or Triathlon Team! We welcome you new athletes to join our teams. Invite friends who are athletes from the following endurance sports: xc running, track distance running, road running, triathlon, road biking, mountain biking, swimming, soccer, rowing, hockey, ringette, basketball, volleyball or any other aerobic sports. We are offering a program to train new athletes to become cross country ski athletes. We will have special practices to introduce new skiers to train for our sport. Any athletes interested in learning to xc ski and to train with our teams, please email your name, email address and phone number to 

Augustana Vikings Athletes and Camrose Ski Club High School Athletes = Academics First! Our xc ski team won the Team Academic Award last season, with the highest Grade Point Average of all of our Augustana Vikings Teams. As student athletes, academics is our #1 priority for each and every athlete on our team. We will do all that we can to minimize conflicts between academics and athletics, so that you have a balanced lifestyle as competitive student athletes.

CAMROSE SKI CLUB: Our Augustana Vikings xc ski team, biathlon team, xc running team and triathlon team work together cooperatively in a positive relationship with our Camrose Ski Club Vikings teams. We share our coaching resources, our great volunteer leaders, and our great network of skiing-running trails and biathlon range facilities. 

COST$: We do our very best to keep our Vikings athletes costs as affordable as possible, so that any athlete or family can afford to train and compete with our team.

Fundraising: HELP! IF you have any ideas to raise funds for our team, please talk to me!

Yeee Haaa!  Les  780-691-6912