Monday, September 19

Training Programs

*Print off two copies of our 2012-2013 Calendar of Events = one for you and one for me
*Mark a rank order number from #1 to #4 beside the events for yourself to achieve your goals: #1 = MOST important priority events for my season can pick two or three including running; #2 = very important events I NEED to do; #3 = important events I WANT to do; #4 = EXTRA events I might do if it fits into my schedule
*Take one hour to design your own personal training program broken up at different times of the day = 30 minutes first draft; 15 minutes second draft; 15 minutes third draft = an important exercise for you to learn how to coach yourself. Do it yourself! Only use your own thoughts based on your own experience as an athlete. Don't ask other athletes. Don't waste time looking up any coaching resources. Don't look at a training plan you may already have. Use an old paper calendar or draw a seven month September to March calendar on scrap paper. Write out your training plan by hand, so we can discuss it together and write notes on it. We will making changes to it every week all year, so don't worry about specific details. I will give you ONE word of advice = start by writing in the dates of your races and then plan your training program backwards from those dates. Keep it short and simple. Use point form abbreviated short words or symbols like: hrs = hours; min = minutes; sec = seconds; int = intervals; Z = zone; work/rest; str = strength; invent your own symbols that work for you; example below:
Mon Nov 19: rest day 
Tue Nov 20: 90 min combos 8 int 2minZ3/2minZ1
Wed Nov 21: 45min AM str /// 90 min PM ski Z1 
Thu Nov 22: 90min combos 12 int 10secZ4/110secZ1
Fri Nov 23: 45 min race prep
Sat Nov 24: 90min race
Sun Nov 25: 90min race
Week = 7.5hrs

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